Last Updated 07 June 2011
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GOD's Pics II
Video of Allah in Assyrian with two Assyrian flags on either side rotating every 30 seconds, designed an Ashuraya using SolidWorks
A nation named to honor the One who is the Beginner of all things
Happy Easter bunny
Happy Easter
Prayers with red roses and butterflies
Christ Krispies
It's Cool To Love Jesus
GOD - Depend On God!
GOD - Depend On God!
Have a Blessed Day, angle
Sending a blessings note, Brown bear
I should say God bless you, but it looks like he already did.
Blessings for the sky
Cross, flowers and two blue butterflies
When you saw onle one set of footprints it was then he carried you!
When you saw onle one set of footprints it was then he carried you!
Forgiveness & Redemption - John 3:16 - This offer expires when you do!
God Bless You, easter eges
I love Jesus with a red heart
Have Faith
He Lives, Cross
He Lives, Cross
Cross _ He is resen
Live by the word
Have a nice day; Peace, Faith, Love, & Hope 4 candles.
The Lord is my Shepherd
Maryam praying Maryam praying
Maryam looking down with here hands open to the sides
Be Blessed with a Cross
Your new baby boy is agift from God
My Thoughts and Prayer are with you, young girl praying.
In my thoughts and prayers
Jesus saves, football goal keeper on the Cross
Cross, Jesus Christ Rocks with a cross
Your in my prayers, Cross and hands
You are in my thoughts and prayers, Bible, Cross, and a white dovw.
In my prayers, three candles and three roses
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