God in Assyrian with a Cross, used by the Assyrian church of the East
Assyrian 3 dimensional flag, By An Ashuraya
Assyrian Church of the East Vacation Bible School, Open to All ASSYRIANS!
A nation named to honor the One who is the Beginner of all things

God's Name and likeness are not known, Ashur is a descriptive reference chosen by God Himself &
Ashur image is a communication reference dating back to before the invention of cuneiform.
In The Name of God (Ashur)
Ashurayeh of the world Honoring
their Heirtage
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good man do nothing
Assyrian Genocide Research Center
Assyrian Holocaust
Ashurayeh Youth of Iran Honoring their Heritage
An Assyrian Language Article by: Dr. Madeleine Davis
Should Assyrian's
Speak, Read & Write in
their own Language?